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Story Cake - Creating Writing Kit

There are many elements to consider when writing a story, and no simple formula. However, I have created a simple metaphor for writing a story, one that children can identify with, and resources to use; Writing a story is like baking a cake.


My story writing kit explains this and includes useful and fun tools and activities. This resource is great for teachers as a classroom scheme of work, homeschooling pupils and for independent study for kids who just love story writing and want to have fun writing stories. 

Includes useful author tips.  

Available on TES website and comes as a PDF download ready to cut, laminate and use. Coming soon on Amazon. 

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Dreaming with Ernie - Activity Workbook

This kids' workbook is based on the children's novel, Ernie Gonzales: The Determined Dreamer. Packaged as a comprehension and guided reading workbook, this resource will guide children through some of the challenges they will face and will enable them to develop skills needed to reach their dreams. At the same time working on improving their creative writing and curriculum based literacy skills. 

This workbook can be used to support a classroom read of Ernie Gonzales, or for independent study or homeschooling and will inspire and awaken the determined dreamer in every child. 

Available as Paperback or on Kindle

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