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Below are links to my children's books with a short description. All books are available on Amazon & Kindle


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Escape from paradise

Bruce, Ernie and all the snails of Vinuela are enjoying life in olive garden. However, one morning Ernie wakes to discover that all the snails have vanished. Local chefs have kidnapped them to cook them in a giant snail paella! But before Ernie and his grandpa, Manuel, can rescue them they first have to escape the terrifying thug slugs who have invaded their empty garden and ready to make it their own. 

Will they escape the thug slugs? Can Bruce find the courage to save the other snails? Be thrilled by this dynamic and inspiring story in the Ernie Gonzales series!

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The Determined Dreamer

Ernie Gonzales is a small, ordinary snail with a big, extraordinary dream!


Inspired by his grandpa's tales of a legendary snail paradise, Ernie bravely sets out on a daring journey to find it. Joined along the way by the most unlikely of companions, he is soon swept up in a more dangerous and exciting adventure than he could have ever dreamed of.

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The Well of Dreams

Ann lives in a small village in Africa. She loves school; it brings her hope and gives her a reason to dream. But her dreams of achieving something with her life disappear when she has to stay at home and look after her sick mother and work in the fields with her father. One day Ann hears a mysterious voice at the well telling her to believe in her dreams no matter what. She decides to give it a try. Can she hold onto hope when all else seems lost? 
Illustrated by primary school pupils as part of a project to send books to schools in various parts of Africa. 

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