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Escape from Paradise

New in the Ernie Gonzales series!
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My Story

My passion for travelling and my desire to inspire others has been the inspiration for my writing. Drawing from my unusual life experiences and my sense of adventure. I have had many a quirky encounter with an assortment of creatures big and small, from hugging a gorilla in Rwanda to a chance meet with a small Spanish snail called Ernie found lurking in the vegetable box in my fridge whilst living in Spain. Through this I have gathered together a vault of material and ideas to continuing writing many more stories for a young and imaginative audience. 

Creativity is one of my biggest passions and writing is a wonderful way to express that creativity. Children often ask me what is my inspiration for becoming an author, I always say that its because of  a desire to create something unique that I can share with others. 


Alongside working on my next book, I teach creative writing and regularly visiting schools to do creative writing workshops. At present I am reading through each chapter of my first book Live on You Tube every Tuesday & Thursday for kids to help parents homeschooling during the Corona virus outbreak. You can catch up on my You Tube channel, and please let me know if your child is watching  a  live video as I would love to give them a mention and encourage them. You can also keep up to date with what I am doing by following my Facebook Page.



My Books

Escape from Paradise

The Determined Dreamer

The Well of Dreams

My Books
Book Reviews 

‘Ernie holds a wealth of morality for children to get to grips with- self- worth, determination, resilience, persistence, dreaming big etc.'

D. Mendonca

Head of Literacy, Harrow

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